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286 Saruman the Evil Lord
[Image: BWDjx1f.png]
Level 1 stats:
HP - 1214
ATK - 716
RCR - 314
Total - 2244

Level 99 stats:
HP - 2315
ATK - 1367
RCR - 710
Total - 4392

Exp to max: 5,000,000 (5,000,000 exp curve)
Team cost: 27
Race: Elf
Set: Seal Bosses

Selling price: $10000 (+$0/level)
Exp output: 5000 exp (+500 exp/level)

Active skill: Full Heart
- Fully heal your HP.
Max CD: 24
Min CD: 10
Max skill level: 15
Cards with the same skill:
- Light Paladin
- Paladin Spearman
- Paladin King of Light

Leader skill: Elf Dance
- Elves in team get 200% attack and recovery.
Cards with the same skill:
- None

Partner skill: N/A

Passive skill: "Army of Gnomes"
- All 3*/4* gnomes in team get 500% more attack.
- Saruman must be the leader; ally Saruman will not work
- Rarity must be consistent among the gnomes (i.e. all 3* or all 4*; no mixing)

- The Return of the Evil Lord (guaranteed drop from battle)

Evolve elements:
- Does not evolve

Ways to use:
Saruman's active skill allows you to fully heal your HP, making him a good follower in any team if you need the full heal. He also sports one of the best recovery stats in the game, giving your team a good recovery boost.
He also boosts the attack and recovery of elves, making him an excellent choice for the leader of an elf team.
Being an elf, he also benefits from the attack boost from Santa and KODB, making him a good choice for a follower.
And of course, he is the assists a Diablo team as an ally, providing the elves more recovery and attack.
Although Saruman has a passive for gnomes, the passive has been nerfed, so now it's quite useless.
- Ally for Diablo elves team
- Leader and ally for elves team
- Follower in mono dark team
- Follower in dual Santa team
- Follower in dual KODB team


(Credit goes to Metacreeper for coming up with the template and doing Saruman)

Erm i guess u mixed up the pictures

Madhead needs to nerf Nighteleven urgently
Yup, grabbed the wrong one off my imgur, lol. Moved on to update others without noticing.

This layout is good, the information is complete...
I like the "cards with the same skill" section, so i can feed all the dupes skills to one of my main <3
[Image: f19fbf8f.jpg]
My Dreamteam :')
Brittney u are doing a real impressive job here :-)

[Image: r4k2.png]
Elf Deck In Use
(01-04-2014, 06:23 PM)Metacreeper Wrote:
(01-04-2014, 01:22 PM)Nitecat(SG) Wrote: Brittney u are doing a real impressive job here :-)

Nitecat, I specifically left the mythos section blank for you to fill in you know.

Thks alot Metacreeper, i will fill them in once the Q&A game starts :-)

[Image: r4k2.png]
Elf Deck In Use
After all of this is posted, I might decide to do a 'leaderboard' with an arrangement of who's stats is highest, along with other things.

It's easy enough to do - I have spreadsheet software, I can convert it into a CSV file and then import it into MySQL and use the SQL functions to help me out with this. Hard part is doing the typing. Tongue

Okay, maybe not, someone else has already done a Spreadsheet thingy.
[Image: Screen-Shot-2014-10-08-at-3.05.56-PM.png]


19,274,431 if you want to add me as a friend, though I really only have Loki and Lucy all-maxed. Not looking for any specific ally, so just send me a request and I'll accept.
Please allow me the honor of creating a thread with all the pics and links to each individual thread according to their pic
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[Image: yH7e6Pb.png]
I thank the dark lord for all the dark cards, i just hate him for trolling me with daji -_-

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