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10 points about non desireable user behavior on the forum
When you stay an active member of the forum's community for a while for some time you face a lot of players. A lot of helpful players, those that enjoy to discuss about a topic, sometimes like on a scientific content. Wink
Some of our forum mates, she/he may excuse I can not remember her/his name has the saying 'The brightest light causes the darkest shadow' in his signature so at the place where the light shines the brightest (this forum therefore  Tongue ) we also have encounters with not desireable behavior of some users.

So I opened this thread in order to talk with you about your experiences here and how you usually deal when some of those cases happen to you. In general I am really fine with the forum, the mentioned aspects occur rarely enough, I would say, still there is a chance to improve things. At this point I would also interested in a statement of an administrator. Maybe there are a lot of complaints on other users that the 'common forum user' is not aware of... What about the handling of them?

While talking about them some might see how their behavior is seen by others. Please(!) stay constructive and do not begin to agitate against certain members like 'I am really pissed of by member "xyz" because of...' Exclamation Keep in mind that "everyone" of us has performanced in an inadequate way before (in general)!

In the following I noted some points that I noticed from time to time. Feel free to comment on them!  

1. Members who think that their opinion is the only true one and everyone has to accept it therefore. This is a forum, here are a lot of people with different opinions, experiences and just because you use your strategy it does not mean e.g. that there is only one way to build a Michael Lucifer team.
2. Inactive guild members that do not have time to invest some effort in their guild but have enough time to go to the forum, looking for the related guild thread and give it a bad rating. If you do not have time for your guild, than you have no right to take time to harm the guild. Further the rules are explained in the guild threads, by applying for a guild you accept the rules. If you can not follow their rules, accept the risk to get expulsed.
3. People who ask for guilds they can join in a new thread. I know there are cases where it is useful and it is like a blade with good and bad aspects. I also call those and ask them to join my guild but the summoner’s guild section is full of guild threads where you can read the guild descriptions and apply for a guild, either with sending a message before or just searching for the guild’s ID. Those extra threads push guilds who are maybe desperately looking for members back and more back. Confused
4. Those players that have really strong teams and go to a discussion thread telling how easy a stage was while others are struggling about clearing a stage the best. It is one thing to present a team that can clear a stage without serious problems but another to claim how easy it was for you as you are blessed with one of the best possible teams in the game. Note, I do not say anything against a presentation of a team to clear with a comment like ‘try that, it is a good option, can handle the enemies of the stage quite well’. It is the way to say. But a statement like ‘used Daji, Enchantress team, again 0 diamonds, was the easiest sm for months’ is just disrespectful.
5. Forum members, being too lazy to look for obviously available information, like a stage description when it is actually on the top of the DSI section. When a new weekly event is released, you struggle at the grandmaster stage and open a thread to ask how to pass it? Therefore we have a DSI section with the current stages and strategies + teams that deal with it!
6. “Scorers” that post a lot of not informational replies or threads in order to reach the next star in their forum account. Same goes to those that beg for ‘+1 rating’. I like getting good reputations, everyone does, as it is a feedback that someone respects an effort you did. BUT, even if you do not get a good reputation people might remember your name and if a newbie does not know the rating function you can still, for example, help him with his teams  and take his ‘thanks a lot’ like a ‘+1’. Angel
7. People that ask questions that are already answered in the post directly above! Always not easy to believe but personally for me I would feel ashamed when asking a question that was already cleared. Some people do not seem to care about, do not read the posts above and just blindly ask a question so they cause other people to answer a question twice because of it.
8. Those that call for the return of a soulmaster event that just passed by 2 weeks ago. Everyone can miss an event once, especially F2P players, if you have an important full day event on a soulmaster’s appearance day but this is no reason to open a thread tell everyone how said you are that you missed Odin or thought you could skip Zeus and now have regrets. Seriously no one can tell you when it returns, especially not a few days after it passed by!
9. Members that use insults on others as they went out of arguments. If you notice that you do not know what to answer then you should not call other repliers ‘idiots that do not understand how ToS works’ but maybe think about whether you are wrong and the other one’s suggestion might be more constructive. Sometimes it is better to push back the own ego.
10. After those 9 points this one should not be the same. So instead I want to thank all those members, who form the nice culture of this forum, who help each other for day and days, for those sharing their knowledge and experience. Thanks for enjoying Tower of Saviors with all of us together!!! Smile

Now it is your turn!

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4 - What's wrong with it? (Saying clear with 0 diamonds, easy stage)
People have right to rant/tell how happy they're passing it (or terribly failing it). Sharing how easy their team is means that they give suggestion for team. Telling it's easy is also opinion. As long as it isn't insulting other player like "If you can't pass this, go to die."

Agreed with the rest. Also sorry for my bad English.

Just in the same situation as case 4. Didn't know that it would make someone frustrated =.= And I actually didn't say anything like "piece of cake", "so easy" or blah blah blah *sigh*

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I don't really recall seeing many examples of point 4? I normally also include which stage and cards to activate so it seems more like a guide than a brag. Honestly speaking, I'm actually very happy to read about any good accomplishments so I can follow their example and beat the game easily. Don't really have that much time to watch all those videos posted by players though so I prefer written format. (At least I think it's acceptable to read something on your phone rather than watching videos on your phone during office hours).

That said, my personal peeve are players that keep spreading doom and gloom, misinformation and conspiracy theories. You know those Madhead is out to get me, my account is screwed, Greeks have been secretly nerfed and so on.
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I can agree with the concerns on point 4, I also have not seen much examples of it, and there are no hard cases I can remember.

The reason why I mention it here is because sm battles are a special topic. You easily can burn a lot of diamonds and that hurts the common player. I also posted replies like '0 diamond with team xyz' but if you think about how you where when you where at level 130 and struggled, where frustrated or displeased about your own performance ... We all have been beginners, some spend 20 diamonds on the first sm (me as well), now at level 200 and above the amount reduced to less than 5, also 0.
In that situation a post that indicates that for someone else the stage was really easy because, to give a common example, he got the luck to draw all the cards for a very strong dragon team, it causes frustration. Of course a stage becomes much easier with the right cards, if you where lucky enough to draw them.
It can be a thin line between self-staging and providing support. For self-staging there is the leaderboard, the league or the TOP 100 players at the guild event, I would say.
Point 4 is not meant as a statement against the players that did well and tell others how they did. It is a reminder to be careful with the way to express it.
A detailed expression of how you did it for each stage, what cards could be replaced if you do not own them, what to take care about, will turn someone's opinion, that might dare his first tries in sm battles, from 'He likes to tell others how good he is' to 'Well, a veteran that shares his tips' (usually they do, as the posters above).
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~ Every ally is a welcome friend! ~

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Guild 2378: 'Nightingale' ~ 'We are waiting to hear your voice in our halls'
About #4 i use to do that but i stop doing it because i feel the same as you.

Now I really respect players who challenge themselves and bring an ordinary team (Eg. a farmable team with maybe 1 diamond draw card) and clear the SM.
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Point 4 seems to be the biggest issue for most people, I personally don't have a problem with someone saying clearing an SM was easy, I remember when I couldn't clear SMs without spending at least 10 or more diamonds and seeing other people say they were easy for them just gave me ideas and made me want to reach the point they were already at. I would only have a problem if it is done on a braggy show off kind of way where someone said something like "look at me, I'm the tos god it's so easy for me and all you diamond spending noobs suck"

Also if someone has found it easy are you saying that they should no longer allowed to share their achievement and experience just because it might offend you or is it only for people who have struggled through that are allowed to share details of how hard they found it. I think you are being quite unfair with that point and as long as it's not disrespectful then it is your problem and not whoever posted it.

Overall though this forum is quite a nice place and there are hardly ever any trolls that most forums tend to get.
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my personal opinion on point number 4 is that it is okay to "show off" your achievement in clearing any particular sm with 0 diamond.

I felt that it serve as a goal for players that are struggling to clear the sm even with tons of diamonds. the team that were listed there is also helpful to players who are looking around for other alternative.

The more I think about it, I think it will be interesting to have a bunch of elite players who show off and include some douchebag comments in their post.
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About point 4, it's mostly on saying.
"This SM is easy, you should not have any problem."
"Last time was hard, now should be easy with so much boost in deck"

I believe is about how you phrase it. Maybe like "It's a easy SM if you are able to have a CC card in your deck for Stage 4" (Using Solar SM as an example)

More of guiding on why is easy and not just blabing out right it should be a common sense.

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