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004 Sage Molly
[Image: ruNbNGY.png]
Level 1 Stats:
HP - 846
ATK - 465
RCR - 141
Total - 1452

Level 99 Stats:
HP - 1881
ATK - 1035
RCR - 346
Total - 3262

Exp to max: 3,000,000 (3,000,000 exp curve)
Team cost: 9
Race: Human
Set: Main Characters

Selling price: $400 (+$100/level)
Exp output: 900 exp (+870 exp/level)

Active skill: Spirit Burst - Water
Dissolve all Earth Runestones to inflict Water Attack on all enemies and Enchanted Runestones will drop
Max CD: 14
Min CD: 5
Max skill level: 10
Cards with the same skill:
- None

Leader skill: Aquatic Rage
Water Attack ×200%
Cards with the same skill:
- Dreadful Cthulhu
- Freyr
- Freyr Son of Njord
- Cursed Prophessier Cassandra
- Carrie the Phantom Dancer
- Sage Master Molly
- Elizabeth

Partner skill: N/A

Passive skill: N/A

- Reward
- Evolve from Sorceress Molly

Evolve elements:
- Eternal Cerulean
- Eternal Cerulean

- The Evil Sword
- Master Honeymon
- The Memories Traveler

Ways to use:
5* Molly churns out enchanted runes for you, but it's not as if enchanted runes are that difficult to make. She isn't a popular choice for a team member, unless you power release her.
- Power release


Well someone's got a lot of free time. Big Grin

I would recommend also posting down any uses for a card.

Sent from a diamond studded cardboard box.

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I swear one of these days I'll get Pollux. Maybe in the next eon or two...?
(01-01-2014, 05:01 PM)Ultrapyre Wrote: Well someone's got a lot of free time. Big Grin

I would recommend also posting down any uses for a card.

That will come, eventually this will become a full gallery with info on all the cards. Smile


Today ends a long journey.
I began the game with Molly, did not notice there are active and leader skills and did not see her so useful as my beasts so I feed or sold her (about a year ago).

later on when I learned her abilities I got her again so many times mostly via Friends points draws and at many events/battles.

Today I just PRed her to #408 Sage Master Molly [Image: 60px-408i.png].

I took a gSlime with Mollies to get Her CD low as possible, I headed the 2nd time to the PR battle when her CD was 8.
Actually used her skill only once when I cleared the board over and over and beside earth no water/hearts fall from the sky.

now she's PR and...her new CD is 13 Sad

a huge step forward for my new Mono Water teams and a boost against upcoming bosses.

On water bonus I'll max her to 99 and offer her as ally monster Smile
[Image: 600px-Pet408.png]
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