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★ 6th Event: Diamond Seal Card Draw Event “Pioneers of Warfare”
★ 6th Event: Diamond Seal Card Draw Event “Pioneers of Warfare”
Time: Nov 25 (Fri)
200% increased chance for drawing 5 specific Monsters of different Attributes in Diamond Seal! Summoners will be awarded Level-Up material “Madhead” x 1 after the first draw in “Diamond Seal” during the event period as well.
5★ Dragon Spiritor – Water
6★ Rococo
5★ Samael
5★ Modi & Magni
5★ Sunnie
* This event is only applicable to normal Diamond Seal Card Draw. The rewarded Diamond Seal Card Draw chances will not be included in this event.
Surprised that nobody haven't created the thread yet. The cards seems quite decent but I dunno, not really in the mood for mass drawing. Draw once for the MH tho. Dupe Raphael.

So what did you guys got?

Btw did anyone tried drawing the Fallen Halo's seal instead? Did you get the MH from it?

I did one draw for the MH and got Norvi, new for me and a great card so I did a second draw and got Sumatra another new one for me! Would had done another draw but I need the diamonds to max Zeus.

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ID: 79230079

Available allies: pr Idun, all max pr Verthandi, ame IV Lu Cheng-Syuan, Dumuzi, Atrahasis.
Got Pisces, new, but will need to farm Zeus, so only 1 draw. My dimes down from fallen halos ?

ID: 25923781
Looking for: Freyr, Aether, Ninurta, Namtar, Artemis, Beelzebub, Barbara, Apollo, Pontos, Chessia, 
Main Allies: (Double Max+ unless stated) Aether, Freyr, Ninurta, Artemis (CD12), Lucy (CD16), Pontos
Level 237

after reading next week will be a new sm, most likely not farming.

this rotation so far only drew once from Fallen Halos series. decided to make a draw. and.... the friggin dupe Water Elf Sera. can you believe it #£&@%@

well, 5 dimes for 2 Harpies then. and yeah, got the MH :/
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Did 1 draw for MH and I got Modi and Magni. Now I finally have my last member for Mahonin team.
Name: なし
ID: 75,875,162
[Image: 8f37b9ce5b4af3e003c718333bf68664.jpg]

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I got this. Is it good?

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