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★ 2nd Event: Diamond Seal Card Draw Event “In Pursuit of the Beast Companions”
2 draws. 1st one dupe. 2nd one Haza. Smile

but that's after 50 draws a while ago which i obtain 4 of the 5 new series. so over all 260 dimes plus 1 purchase bonus to complete the new series.

a friend of mine spent about 200 dimes to complete the new series.

a little off from topic but...

Monday... this week 200% chance to get Haza and Shu. really like Egyptian, only have Seth. Haza really good.
hesitated whether draw. have Athena at amel ii, seems need some dimes to amel iii, iv. have Ninurta waiting for amel iv

well... think no draw. use dime for Athena, sign in reward from months ago. surprisingly clear amel iii and iv no need dimes. PR... almost KO last battle, used 1 dime. get 1 dime from amel, use 1 dime to continue during PR. far better result than expected. thats a SIGN.... to draw Big Grin

waited till midnight, and Monday sign in... did the draw... Shu would be happy. Haza is strike lucky sweep... pulled the card out... PANDA !!! wohooo
previous Earth week... a month ago? Panda 200%, did the draw, got Gaia. havent touched Gaia at all. too many stamina consuming stuffs, cant farm Earth Slimes. and now Panda... right few hours after PR Athena... and for my Nidhogg/Barbara team as well...

well... that makes me have 2 Druids... hope sign in reward wont get Sumatra or Panda... Sumatra is really skill max. now dont have 5 Harpies to max Panda. if really dupe, hope dupe Panda then, will save some Harpies...

Gaia previous Earth week, Panda current Earth week... my Earth cards is in great shape Big Grin

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