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★ 2nd Event: Diamond Seal Card Draw Event “In Pursuit of the Beast Companions”
Time: Sep 30 (Fri)
200% increased chance for getting monsters from “Companions of Mystical Beasts” series in Diamond Seal Card Draw!
*This event is only applicable to normal Diamond Seal Card Draw. The rewarded Diamond Seal Card Draw chances will not be included in this event.
“Companions of Mystical Beasts” series include:
5★ Pupuro
5★ Suzuko
5★ Haza
5★ Copper Bullet
5★ Sunnie

Even if the event is over for almostr everyone, we can still post our results.

5 draws, Mina fusion partner my 5th one (one more and a free skill level), Iron Hamel another dupe, first dupe Athena at least I am now ready for my three Greeks if they ever get VR, dupe Galio and Clara not a dupe (yay). So in the end not good for me and 3/5 where light cards in fire week :|

So any luck getting the new cards?

ID: 79230079

Available allies: pr Idun, all max pr Verthandi, ame IV Lu Cheng-Syuan, Dumuzi, Atrahasis.
Did 4 draws, 3 were dupes

Doris (new)
Jinnie (dupe)
Happy Prince (dupe)
Byakhee (dupe)

Should've stopped at the first draw..

ID: 39,040,287
Main ally: Terry

1 draw pupuro not what I wanted but at least is from the new series.

Figured my luck would go down hill from there decided to stop since getting in 1st draw is more worth then the 10 seal get one.

I was happy but I didn't get any of the new cards:

Seth (new)
Seth (dupe)
Pilatus (new)

Lucky day for dragons.
10 draws, 3 Diarmiud, no new series. Sad Sad Sad
Name: なし
ID: 75,875,162
4 Draws, all dupes. One of which was my second Haza.
5 draws. You've guessed it,  5 dupes with an ethereal dragon as the last draw. Talk about adding insult to injury. Dodgy
[Image: cad67802.jpg]
From an ancient Samsung Galaxy SII. With love. Heart
Wasn't really feeling the rate up event. Gave it 1 draw & got lucky- Copper for me. Off to a new dragon team with my purchase reward Sunny. RAAAAWWR!
3 draws, got Suzuko, Domon and Ocean Keeper.. Was hoping for Haza but Suzuko is not bad either...
[Image: oNkt0gm.jpg]
Current Ally: Protector with Godly Hound - Suzuko(Dual Max)
[Image: urz2E6z.png]
I'm looking for friends, please add me!
2 draws, got 1 new and 1 set of souls, both green dragons.

Pilatus new, dragon spiritor souls (already had a 2nd copy for VR purposes).
Leaders I'm MISSING
Black: WaterXi, Rakhshasa,  Maya, Atlantis. 
VR: Freya, CN gods. 
PR: Yunyang, Sumatra, Ninurta, dark babilonian, Seth, Shu. 
Rares: Satan, Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Amaterasu, Sakura, Azathot, XHD, LDB+waifu,SHJ, Mai, iori. 

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